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Testimonials and Reviews

Our mission is to provide care and compassion for all pets and owners who come to us. Read some reviews from owners who have brought their pets in to see us for one reason or another.

Exemplary Care

Hello Dr. Bowles and your Great Support Staff!

Our Chihuahua Felice was munched on by a Saint Bernard last month, and we came to your hospital for help.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for all that you did for her and for us! After our last visit with you, we left Winnipeg early the next morning and drove straight through to Calgary to the Fish Creek Pet Hospital that you had recommended. They took great care to re-bandage her, and to put the Winnipeg Jets logo back on her new bandage :-) The following day we returned to BC and Felice returned to her vet for ongoing care.

We are happy to report that last week we graduated to a daily rinse and application of Derma Gel to the remaining (and largest) wound. She has experienced amazing healing, and the last wound is now almost closed up.

You are also famous for your office's bandage artistry--we shared the photos of Dory and the shark, the butterfly, and the Jets logo with our vet's staff. They were impressed with the detailed work! Thank you everyone for all of those added extras to Felice's care.

Dr. Bowles, we are grateful we found you, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the exemplary care you took to save our beloved family member.

Finn and Terry J.
Hope, BC

Very Kind and Considerate

I have been to Pembina vet and have found the staff and doctors to be very kind and considerate and very compassionate. My daughter and I have had to put one of our older cats down it was very upsetting and we all cried including DR Choptain. So to say that the staff has no compassion or understanding is completely ridiculous. This is a hospital after all and a very busy one at that.

Mary E.

Will Do Their Utmost Best

I bring all of my pets here for everything. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly and will do their utmost best to help out your ill pets.

One of my older kittens last year had FIP. We didn't know it at that time because of general symptoms, but our vet made sure she was comfortable and that we did everything we possibly could. Real effort was put into trying to solve the very non-specific symptoms; she even reached out to specialists. We were also able to do all these varying tests and diagnostics in clinic, which you wouldn't necessarily be able to at other clinics. Unfortunately FIP is fatal and we had to let her cross the rainbow bridge, but it helps knowing that everything we could have done we did.

Our latest 'adventure' here was with our pregnant Newfoundland. We ultrasounded upon her due date and it was discovered that the fetal heart rates were lower than they should have been and the puppies' lives were at stake with a natural whelp. Pembina Veterinary Hospital acted quickly and got them out safely and mama was well-looked after, too. It takes a lot of teamwork and cooperation to do this and it's because of the staff at Pembina Vet that all 9 were revived and survived.

THESE are the people I trust to look after all our cats and newfs - they receive the best care possible by knowledgeable, passionate staff. Of the past clinics I have been to, none have surpassed my experiences here.

Ashley B.

Exceeded my Expectations

A huge shout out to the vets and nurses at pembina hospital. You all have exceeded my expectations and made it possible for duke to live a longer life. ***** rating. Thank you all so much!

You know people cut down clinics. Pets are not like people they can't tell you what's wrong with them to treat them right away. And complain about the costs. Get insurance! Or have a savings account for your pets. A pet isn't going to live a whole life with out any kind of emergency. I had absolutely no issues with this clinic. Ya it may be a bit expensive, but I dont know about other people. I don't put a price tag on my family members.

Brodie M.

Five Stars

They saved my cat's life.. so ya five stars all the way!!!

Thank you

Jeff K.

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