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Offering Top-notch Services for Pet Nutrition in Winnipeg

There is increasing awareness of diet and nutrition. People are quite concerned with what they eat and its effect on their physical and mental wellness. For most pet owners, their pet animals are like their children.


Nutrition is a major determinant of our pet’s overall health, not just their weight. Pets undergo stress phases, and a therapeutic diet can certainly help them recover faster with minimal medical intervention or veterinary visits. The veterinarians at Pembina Veterinary Hospital offer the best pet nutrition in Winnipeg for cats and dogs, considering digestion, nutritional value, and mental wellness.


Talk to our team of skilled veterinarians today for more information on the pet nutrition services we offer in Winnipeg.

Keeping Your Pet Fit

Did you know that the right quality food can increase its life? A diet packed with the right amount of fibre, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals can help prevent any health complications from an unbalanced diet. It can also make a huge difference in their fur and its growth.


Another important factor that is worth considering is optimum nutrition. Overnutrition can result in obesity in animals as much as in humans. If you cannot feel your dog’s ribs, there are chances that the poor creature has excessive fat under its belly, which could be a warning sign of obesity. This can lead to health issues connected to metabolism or hormonal imbalances.


At Pembina Veterinary Hospital, we have trained vets who can provide you with valuable advice on pet nutrition and handling and assist when dogs and cats are neutered or spayed. To book a service, contact us today.

Pet Food Classifications


Such food is considered safe and devoid of foreign substances and bodily waste.



Organic pet food must be 100% organic (including additives)



This type of food is free from all types of chemical processing and is obtained completely from animals, plants or mined sources.


Prescription diets

Such food can be used as a therapeutic diet and can help treat cancer, diabetes, arthritis, allergies, kidney disease, liver disease, and other animal diseases.



Dietary supplements can aid by providing an extra amount of fibre, minerals and vitamins as the ageing process begins in pets.

What We Offer

Our staff will discuss the diet plan designed for your pet’s needs to reach their ideal body weight.


Want to know what our clients speak of us? Read our testimonials.

We Help Your Pets Stay Healthy

Pembina Veterinary Hospital has professionals who can help your pet achieve optimal health with our pet nutrition services in Winnipeg.

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