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Canine Rehabilitation in Winnipeg


Has your dog lost some of the bounce in his step? Did your dog recently undergo surgery or sustain an injury and is recovering? Canine rehabilitation is a form of therapy that can help get your dog back to its old self. Just like with humans, rehabilitation by a professional is often required to help heal affected muscles and joints and help recover the same range of motion and function. Pembina Veterinary Hospital’s doctors will diagnose the problem and will refer your pet to Head To Tail Pet Rehabilitation where the rehab services will take place.

We will start the rehabilitation process with a complete assessment of your pet. Once established, we can then create a plan of appropriate modalities and exercises to get your dog back to his old tricks.


Head To Tail Pet Rehabilitation is a pet rehabilitation centre offering physical rehabilitation services for cats and dogs. With a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP) on staff, we rehabilitate pets following orthopedic surgery, injury, arthritis, neurological diseases, obesity, and age-related complications. Some of the modalities or treatments offered are hydro, laser therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, therapeutic exercises, and TENS.

To promote faster healing and rehabilitation, some equipment is used at our centre, including an H2O Fitness Oasis treadmill and Class IV laser.

We are located at Unit 7-1600 Regent Avenue in Winnipeg. Please contact us for further information.


Help Your Senior Dog Recover Some of His Old Activities

As dogs age, they often lose the ability to do some of their more playful activities. Have you noticed that your dog has developed a limp? Is he no longer able to jump on your furniture or in your bed at night? A rehabilitation plan could help him recover some of those old activities. We can develop a plan of exercises to help strengthen the muscles and joints needed for these activities.

Help Your Dog Heal After an Injury

After a surgery, your dog will need special treatment to help heal the affected area.  Head To Tail Pet Rehabilitation offers a post-op rehabilitation program. Canine rehabilitation will help your dog regain the use of the injured area and allow him to walk, run and play like he used to. Regular canine rehabilitation visits will be required and our team can also help you learn some at-home exercises to promote healing.

See if Your Dog Has What it Takes to Compete with the Best

Are you interested in training your dog to take part in agility competitions? Head To Tail Pet Rehabilitation offers canine fitness and strengthening programs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for canine rehabilitation at our Winnipeg clinic.

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