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Pet Grooming in Winnipeg

You may not think that pet grooming beyond getting a haircut is particularly important, but it is. To ensure your pet looks and feels good, you should schedule pet grooming in Winnipeg every few months. Depending on your pet’s nail and fur growth rate, you may need to schedule grooming more frequently.

Pembina Veterinary Hospital has a trained pet groomer on staff to help ensure your pet is safely and humanely groomed. From shampooing and haircutting to removing matted fur and trimming nails, our groomer can do it all. We strive to pamper your pets in our clean and welcoming facility.

Reasons Your Pet Needs Grooming by a Professional

Grooming should be as pleasant as possible, but when performed by an untrained owner, grooming can be very stressful for your pet. Depending on the type of pet you have and your experience level, you’re likely to use the wrong tools or perform ineffective services. Reasons to choose a professional pet groomer include:

  • Training: As an untrained groomer, you may have had very difficult experiences trimming nails or cutting pet hair. A trained professional makes such services extremely simple. 
  • Attention to detail: When you groom your pet, you may not notice warning signs that are present. Our groomer is trained to look for anything out of the ordinary, such as rashes, scabs, hair loss and signs of gum bleeding.
  • Hygiene: Professional pet groomers are educated and trained, and so they guarantee healthy grooming. By visiting a professional for pet grooming in Winnipeg, you’re sure to improve your pet’s hygiene. 
  • Appearance: While appearances aren’t everything, they do matter. Rather than giving your dog or cat a lopsided haircut, rely on our expert groomer for precise pet grooming in Winnipeg.

Our pet groomer is trained to take care of your animals and make sure they are as healthy as possible.

Schedule Pet Grooming in Winnipeg with Us

Combing or brushing your pets will keep their coats clean, tangle free and healthy, but to ensure the health of your pet more must be done. Regular professional grooming can help locate signs of potential problems, keep your pets healthy and give your pets the adorable appearance you desire.

Proudly serving Winnipeg and surrounding communities since 1963, Pembina Veterinary Hospital has a team of committed veterinarians, a groomer, veterinary technologists, veterinary assistants and receptionists who are determined to keep your pets healthy and safe. Contact us today to learn more about our pet grooming services in Winnipeg. You can also contact our groomer, Tami, directly at 204-474-0298 to schedule an appointment.


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